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You've no doubt noticed the word "Rank" and a numeric value from 1-3 in some articles and sidebars. And you're no doubt thinking: "What's this all about?"

In order to make our articles more accessible to readers, we've put together a simple ranking system so you can know immediately how difficult a given article is. Our ranks are as follows:

  • Rank Level 1: Level 1 articles are for anyone. They are broad in scope or equally interesting for individuals with or without a lot of technical or design background.
  • Rank Level 2: An article ranked as Level 2 is an intermediate's delight. It contains both introductory information as well as more challenging content.
  • Rank Level 3: Articles with greater detail and requiring more experience or more preliminary reading are ranked as Level 3.

Of course, we encourage you to dive in to any article that catches your interest—no matter what the rank. It's been's experience that most people don't give themselves enough credit for what they know. Of course, there are always those elite exceptions!

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