Package org.apache.thrift.transport

Interface Summary

Class Summary
AutoExpandingBuffer Helper class that wraps a byte[] so that it can expand and be reused.
AutoExpandingBufferReadTransport TTransport for reading from an AutoExpandingBuffer.
AutoExpandingBufferWriteTransport TTransport for writing to an AutoExpandingBuffer.
TFastFramedTransport This transport is wire compatible with TFramedTransport, but makes use of reusable, expanding read and write buffers in order to avoid allocating new byte[]s all the time.
TFileProcessor FileProcessor: helps in processing files generated by TFileTransport.
TFileTransport FileTransport implementation of the TTransport interface.
TFramedTransport TFramedTransport is a buffered TTransport that ensures a fully read message every time by preceeding messages with a 4-byte frame size.
THttpClient HTTP implementation of the TTransport interface.
TIOStreamTransport This is the most commonly used base transport.
TMemoryBuffer Memory buffer-based implementation of the TTransport interface.
TNonblockingServerSocket Wrapper around ServerSocketChannel
TNonblockingServerTransport Server transport that can be operated in a nonblocking fashion.
TNonblockingSocket Transport for use with async client.
TSaslClientTransport Wraps another Thrift TTransport, but performs SASL client negotiation on the call to open().
TSaslServerTransport Wraps another Thrift TTransport, but performs SASL server negotiation on the call to open().
TSaslServerTransport.Factory TTransportFactory to create TSaslServerTransports.
TServerSocket Wrapper around ServerSocket for Thrift.
TServerTransport Server transport.
TSocket Socket implementation of the TTransport interface.
TSSLTransportFactory A Factory for providing and setting up Client and Server SSL wrapped TSocket and TServerSocket
TSSLTransportFactory.TSSLTransportParameters A Class to hold all the SSL parameters
TTransport Generic class that encapsulates the I/O layer.
TTransportFactory Factory class used to create wrapped instance of Transports.

Enum Summary

Exception Summary
TTransportException Transport exceptions.