A presentation to the ApacheCon Europe 2008 event in Amsterdam.
Break My Site
Practical stress testing and tuning of Web applications.

You can view the version of the presentation I did in Rome 2007 online in a Flash player, via the SlideShare website. There is very little difference in the slides from the one I did at ApacheCon.

You have features like rating and commenting on individual slides.

The PDF version of the presentation with speaker's notes.

An addendum to the talk, containing sample code etc..

This version is available for people with Mac OS X and the Keynote application.

As this talk is released under a Creative Commons Share-Alike license, you'd be able to use this version to re-work the presentation for your own purposes within the bounds of the license.

This is the original version of the talk given live, it still contains the transitions, builds and special effects etc., removed from the versions above (so they would print better).


This presentation is released under a Creative Commons Share-Alike license.

The presentation contains original photographs from Flickr, published using the same license, by the following photographers :