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Author: Yves Vindevogel \\Date: 2003-03-14 ---- Hi all,

I think I got a solution to use OpenOffice (Writer) files as a generator in Cocoon.

First of all, thanks to Conal Tuohyand Upayavirafor pointing me at some very important details.

Okay, what I did ....

1. files and folders

My cocoon folder looks like this: \\cocoon/resources/entities

The sitemap for the Implements site is mounted as a submap of the sitemap in the /cocoon directory.

I've got the file "test.sxw" in my directory /implements/sxw \\I've got the file "html.oowriter.xsl" in my directory /implements/xsl \\I've got the files from, in my case opt/OpenOffice.org1.0/share/dtd/officedocument/1_0 \\(the DTDs from OpenOffice) copied to the folder /cocoon/resources/entities

2. Sitemap

This is my sitemap (well, the part for OO)

\\<map:match pattern="sxw/*.html">

The basic element is this one is the "jar:http://" thing. Thanks to Conal for pointing me to this. OpenOffices uses a kind of zip file to store its files in. The Jar: protocol is able to read those zips straight away. Conal made a wiki page for this: \\JarProtocolExample

The only problem is the need for a "http://web/....". \\You need to specify the full path, the Jar: protocol does not work with the cocoon sitemap.

His wiki page shows the <map:read>, which works fine. You can read whatever you want from the zip file.

3. Generator

I went further: I wanted to use the content.xml in that zip in a generator. \\So I changed the <map:read> into <map:generate> \\This results in an error:

\\message File "jar:http://web/implements/test.sxw!/office.dtd" not found.

This is correct, the dtd is not in the zipped file. It's only a reference.

4. Fixing problem 1: modify the catalog

I modified the /resources/entities/catalog file. I added two lines \\(Thanks Upayavira for showing me this thing)

\\-- Open Office DTDs --

That corrects the error, but gives a new one ....


5. Fixing problem 2: modify the DTD

Appearantly, there's something in that file. I looked at it, but I could not find a mistake. I'm not an expert on those things, so, maybe someone can look into it for me ....

I used a workaround however. You can modify the /resources/entities/office.dtd (from OO) file. There's entries like this:

\\<!ENTITY % dtypes-mod SYSTEM "dtypes.mod">

When you remove them all, the generator should work (Sax does not check a lot, this is a workaround, not a solution ;--)))

6. Aggregation

Next thing I did, was to use the <map:aggregate> to combine the files from the zipped file into one. I enclose the original xml from all the files in a new <document> tag. At first, I used the <office:document> tag, but this gave problems in my XSL.

After that, it outputs both files as a combined xml file, like we needed !

7. Sample XSL

I then reused an xsl file I wrote before, when I extracted the files to xml with a little perl too. This xsl file generates a very simple page in html, based on the document ...

\\<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

Et voila !!!! That's it .... \\Once again, thanks to all who helped.

Could somebody please check this to see if he/she could reproduce my work on his/her machine ??

Yves Vindevogel

Implements \\Mail: yves.vindevogel@implements.be-- http://www.implements.be

Quote: The winner never says participating is more important than winning.