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Older News

  • January 22
  • Added

XMLFormXindice, a how-to on using Xindice for storage of XML resources with data gathered using XMLForms. JosemaAlonso

  • January 20
  • Added

FileUploadsWithCocoon, an overview of how Cocoon deals with multipart file uploads and the configuration options available. GeoffHoward

  • January 9
  • Added

BestPractices, also in the left menu (also added OurWishlistsso that the menu is same size as before) -- BertrandDelacretaz

  • January 8
  • Added

Flow. 'Nuff said. -- TonyCollen

  • Tweaked

Matchersafter some traffic on cocoon-dev about escaping '{' characters with the regexp matcher. -- TonyCollen

  • January 3
  • Added

LoadInEclipse-- SylvainWallez

  • December 27-28
  • Transition to

http://wiki.cocoondev.orgmostly completed - now running JSPWiki v2.0.7 (attachments! visual external hyperlinks! page templates! delete revisions!) - and implemented rough Forrest skin -- Steven Noels

  • December 18
  • Updated

DocbookTransformation:Using Docbook and the stylesheet by Norman Walsh in Cocoon -- Gabridome

  • December 14
  • Cleaned up

Unused Pagesand Dead Pages, someone volunteering to take a look at Undefined Pageswould be nice -- Steven Noels

  • December 4
  • Added


  • Added

MySQLBoth on SpecificDatabaseConnections-- Gabridome

  • December 2
  • Added

WebServiceProxyGenerator-- TonyCollen

  • Added RequestParameterSelector --

ArjeCahn-- changed to WildcardRequestParameterMatcher, thanks Con

Oops.. (December 9)

  • November 30
  • Added

HostSelector-- ArjeCahn

  • November 20 (Ghent GetTogether +1 - start of a new era;-)
  • Added

HowToForrestTransition-- Diana Shannon

  • Added

ProductsBuiltForCocoonand ProductsBuiltOnCocoonto separate this from Links-- Bertrand Delacretaz

  • November 18 (Ghent GetTogether -1)
  • Added

CocoonDocsPlan- this is being discussed on cocoon-docs -- Bertrand Delacretaz

  • November 16
  • Added

Cocoon2.1DevSetupWin2000- Cocoon 2.1 Dev instal for Dummies on Windows 2000 - Franck Lumpe

  • November 15
  • Added

DeadPages- come on kids, go play in the sand box... -- Bertrand Delacretaz

  • November 11
  • Added

PHPGeneratorand started writing a verbose installation HOWTO. -- Tony Collen

  • Updated

As400section in SpecificDatabaseConnection, adding some notes on JDK switching and definition of JNDI connection pools -- Lorenzo De Sio

  • November 8
  • Added

DevelopingComponentsand moved part of ImplementingTransformersto WritingPipelineComponents. -- Bruno Dumon

  • November 7
  • Added

ImplementingTransformers- Introduction on how to implement transformers BrunoDumon

  • Added

ExploringTheLogs- How to make sense of the Cocoon logs? -- Bertrand Delacretaz

  • Added

SpecificDatabaseConnection- How can I connect cocoon to my xxx database? -- gabridome

  • November 4
  • Added

GraphicalWikiDream- who would like to drawon the wiki pages? -- Bertrand Delacretaz

  • November 3
  • Added

ForrestProposalto determine how to automate Cocoon documentation rendering -- DavidCrossley

  • November 2nd
  • Added

ImageReaderexplaining how to use ImageReader to generate image thumbnails -- Litrik

  • Added

BlocksDefinition-- Written by Stefano Mazzocchi, wikified by Steven Noelsand Bertrand Delacretaz

  • 1st November
  • Added

SitemapPatterns-- Tony Collen

  • 17th October
  • Added

CocoonDocsDrafts-- Bertrand Delacretaz

  • 14th October
  • Added

DocumentationTracksProject-- Bertrand Delacretaz

  • 9th October
  • Added

AboutTheBuildTargets-- Tony Collen

  • 1st October
  • Cleaned up some typos and incorrect spelling in

DocbookTransformation-- Tony Collen

  • 20th September
  • Added

HtmlTableCellNonBlanking-- Alan Hodgkinson

  • 13th September
  • Added

HowToCreateNewPages-- Bertrand Delacretaz

  • Added

JavaLogging-- Alan Hodgkinson

  • 6th September
  • Updated the

SAXand pointed at it from the FAQ- Ola Berg

  • 3rd September
  • Added an

Eventslisting and a first event -- Steven Noels

  • 1st September

'Back to School' ** Contributors or users wanting to be

  • 30th August
  • Reshuffled

SimilarServerspage -- Steven Noels

  • 23rd August
  • Added

Random Thoughton Separation of Logic and Contentfrom Alan Hodgkinson(after asking for permission) -- Jens Lorenz

  • 22nd August
  • Added How To

Integrate A Servletwhich is a summary of a brief discussion on cocoon-users. It'd be useful to mine other similar tidbits from the mailing lists. -- Leigh Dodds

  • 18th August
  • Added a request for

Actions in XSP Documentationto the Wishlist

  • 16th August
  • Added

Sourceand SourceVsGenerator. Work in progress ! -- Sylvain Wallez

  • Added

BlocksUseCases-- Bertrand Delacretaz

  • 12th August
  • Added

OutputEncoding-- Bertrand Delacretaz

  • 9th August
  • Defined

AddCIncludeToMinimalSitemap-- Andrew C. Oliver

  • Added new How-To about

performing simple XSLT transformations-- Leigh Dodds

  • Added

CocoonProtocolExample-- Bertrand Delacretaz

  • 8th August
  • Added mod_xslt to

SimilarServers-- Tony Collen

  • Added

CIncludetransformer information and examples.

  • Minor changes here and there regarding


  • Warning that the

XIncludetransformer is NOT up to the specification, and kind of some *why* on the CIncludetransformer. -- Andrew C. Oliver

  • Added

SimilarServers-- Bertrand Delacretaz

  • Added

Serving Static Filesto How-Tos, and more documentation about the Readercomponent. -- Leigh Dodds

  • Added

Error Handlingpage -- Leigh Dodds

  • 7th August
  • Added

PossibleApplicationswhere people can throw out ideas for unique applications of Cocoon -- Tony Collen

  • Added a place-holder for a Cocoon

Roadmap. Anyone care to start adding descriptions? -- Leigh Dodds

  • Added a RT about

Distributing Cocoon Applications-- Leigh Dodds

  • Added

XLSSerializerto the MinimalSitemapConfigurationpage which builds on the example and shows how to serialize to Excel based upon the example. Andrew C. Oliver

  • Added

DoYouLikeCocoon. While the Wishlistis about this Wiki, the idea for DoYouLikeCocoonis to get short "I like/I don't like" comments about Cocoon itself -- Bertrand Delacretaz

  • Fixed up some broken references in the notes I uploaded, some formatting tweaks to various pages. Added the 'Referenced By' section to the left menu --

Leigh Dodds

  • Added a

Licensepage to make things clear on a legal ownership level -- Steven Noels

  • Added diagram to

XSP Fundamentals, added How-Toon Meta Stylesheets-- Leigh Dodds

  • 6th August -- Poured in a chunk of content from my personal Wiki. This constitutes a collection of notes I compiled whilst writing three tutorials on Cocoon for IBM developerWorks. They're supplemented with some recent notes I've gathered on

UnderstandingCocoonMountsand Resources. Any mistakes are entirely mine! The notes have been collected from all the Cocoon 2.0.x series, so there may be some inconsistencies where functionality has changed -- Leigh Dodds

  • August -- Site created by

Steven Noels