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Domain Driven Boosting & User Driven Biasing

Chris Hostetter

Apache Lucene/Solr SFBay Meetup


Boosting & Biasing

Classical IR algorithms aren't the end all be all

Examples For Today

Domain Driven

In the Dark Ages

  • Search & Score
  • Filter (With Retry)
  • (Default) Sort

Battle axe medieval created by Stefanvon Halenbach, available under Public Domain.

Trivial Example

q = the user input


q = +(the user input) suck:false^0.2

Real World Example (Ancient)

q = +(the user input)^100 (*:* -cat:(7, 9, 23))^5 rating:[4 TO *]^3 rating:[7 TO *]^10 popularity:[* TO 1000]^5

Real World Example (Today)

qq = the user input q = {!boost b=$b v=$qq} b = div($good,price) good = mul(rating,popularity,cat_weight))

User Driven


Simple Example: Sam

q = {!boost b=$b v=$qq} b = mul(query($pref),pow($diff,$diffs)) pref = cat:laptop diff = div(1,price) diffs = 0.72

Simple Example: Sally

q = {!boost b=$b v=$qq} b = mul(query($pref),pow($diff,$diffs)) pref = mfg:Apple diff = recip(ms(NOW,proddate),3.16e-11,1,1) diffs = 0.72

Cool Idea: Sweet Spots

Thanks to Code Cogs for the equation SVG file (source)

Graph generated using this gnuplot file.

Sweet Spot Example

Recently clicked on $1000-1200 price facet

q = {!boost b=$b v=$qq} b = div(1,sqrt(sum(1,$mult))) mult = mul($s,sub(sum(abs(sub($bias,$min)), abs(sub($bias,$max))), sub($max,$min))) bias = price min = 1000 max = 1200 s = 0.08

In Conclusion