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Stump The Chump

A Retrospective

Boston Meetup - 2015-10-28


WTF is Stump The Chump?


SF, 2011 (5:20): 2nd Prize

  • Best solution 4 years ago was sampling
    • only worked in single node case
  • Native (distributed) stats component feature today (via T-Digest approximations)

Complex Filtering

  • Recurring Theme...
  • Many new tools over the years...
    • cache=false local param & LFU Caches for smarter caching
    • Post Filtering to pull expensive/external criteria into a (last resort) Solr Filter
    • Very new "FOO OR filter(...)" query syntax for caching individual pieces of complex Boolean Queries

Deep Paging

San Diego, 2013 (1:09:28): 2nd Prize

  • Solr now has native "Cursor Mark" support
  • Implements the exact type of work around logic discussed in the video

Driving Distance

DC, 2014 (No Video): 3rd Prize

  • Not something Solr is likely to support natively anytime soon
  • Very specialized engines needed to do efficiently (ex: GraphHopper)
  • Can use native distance sort, combined with Top-N re-ranking using custom (external) ValueSource

Equally Full Range Buckets

Austin, 2015 (Video Soon): 2nd Prize

  • Numeric stats (min, max, mean, stddev, percentiles) make heuristics possible
  • Flawed premise, bad UI
  • Rethink your goals