7.2 Velocimacro Properties

There are a number of properties in the Velocity configuration that influence the behaviour of macros. A complete list of all configuration options is in the Velocity Reference guide.


A comma-separated list of all Velocimacro template libraries. By default, Velocity looks for a single library: VM_global_library.vm. The configured template path is used to find the Velocimacro libraries.


This property, which has possible values of true or false, determines whether Velocimacros can be defined in regular templates. The default, true, allows template designers to define Velocimacros in the templates themselves.


With possible values of true or false, this property allows the user to specify if a Velocimacro defined inline in a template can replace a globally defined template, one that was loaded on startup via the velocimacro.library property. The default, false, prevents Velocimacros defined inline in a template from replacing those defined in the template libraries loaded at startup.


This property, with possible values of true or false, defaulting to false, controls if Velocimacros defined inline are 'visible' only to the defining template. In other words, with this property set to true, a template can define inline VMs that are usable only by the defining template. You can use this for fancy VM tricks - if a global VM calls another global VM, with inline scope, a template can define a private implementation of the second VM that will be called by the first VM when invoked by that template. All other templates are unaffected.


This property has the possible values true or false, and the default is false. When true, any modifications to the context via #set() within a Velocimacro are considered 'local' to the Velocimacro, and will not permanently affect the context.


This property controls Velocimacro library autoloading. The default value is false. When set to true the source Velocimacro library for an invoked Velocimacro will be checked for changes, and reloaded if necessary. This allows you to change and test Velocimacro libraries without having to restart your application or servlet container, just like you can with regular templates. This mode only works when caching is turned offin the resource loaders (see the Velocity Reference guide on how to do this). This feature is intended for development, not for production.