Quoth Joe Schaefer (2011-04-04) :
 you still don't have opie setup on <remotehost>
 to set it up you need to do the following
  1) pick a good passphrase
  2) never expose it to the net
  3) run opiepasswd on <remotehost>
  4) that will prompt you with an otp challenge
  5) take that challenge string and run it locally on your workstation
  6) enter your passphrase at the local prompt in 5
  7) repeat 5 and 6 until you are certain you entered your pw correctly
  8) paste the resulting 6 word response into the challenge prompt in 4
  9) run sudo
 10) that will prompt you for an otp challenge
 11) repeat 5-8
 12) get root
Configuring OPIE for sudo access