Srinath Perera

Education: Ph.D. (Indiana 2009), M.Sc. (Indiana 2007), B.Sc.(Moratuwa 2004)

Senior Software Architect, WSO2 Inc.
Visiting Lecturer, University of Moratuwa
Member, Apache Software Foundation, Apache Web Service PMC
Committer, Axis2, Axis, Geronimo

hperera (University)
hemapani (Private)
IRC : Any server, channels - #apache-axis, #geronimo, #asf
Blog :
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Teaching : Distributed Systems (University of Moratuwa M.Sc. program), Concurrent and Parallel Programming (University of Moratuwa M.Sc. program), Concurrent Programming (University of Moratuwa B.Sc. program)

Fields of Specialization & Research Interests: Distributed Systems, large scale systems

Awards and grants:

  1. PI for the Sub award from U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF) award "SDCI NMI Improvement: Open Grid Computing Environments Software for Science Gateways", through Indiana University, Bloomington (USA), 2009 Decvember-2010 August, contact: Marlon Pierce
  2. PI for grant "Ninithi Nano Studio Modeling and Simulation Software" from Sri Lanka NSF, Grant number RG/2011/ CSIT/01, 2011-2012

You can find my Publications from Publication Page ( DLBP List and MS Academic List might be bit more upto date.) and my talks from If you need more info, please refer to My CV

Currently, I live in Sri Lanka with my wife Miyuru, and work as a Architect in WSO2. I also teach and guide student projects part-time in the Computer Science & Engineering department of the University of Moratuwa, and closely involved with research efforts in Lanka Software Foundation. I enjoy reading books, watching movies, documentaries, when I can find time.
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