Compatible with JSF 1.2
Compatible with JSF 2.0
Type-safe config and SPIs for customizations and/or add-ons
Support for custom config formats/sources 5
Optional artifact deactivation (within modules)
Conversations beyond CDI std. conversations
Window Scope
View Access Scope
Support for multiple conversations per window
JSF 2.0 Scopes as Aliases1
JSF Request-Lifecycle events
JSF Request events
Navigation Event/s
Optional conversation events
View related additions
Type-safe (real) View-Configs
View actions
JSF enhancements
Annotation for Phase-Listeners
Multi-Field Validation2
Type-safe navigation
Dependency Injection in JSF validators and converters
Injection of phase information
Producer methods for several JSF artifacts3
Forwarding System-Events of JSF 23
@ManagedBean (of JSF 2.0) as Alias for @Named
UI Components4
Bean-Validation enhancements
Dependency Injection in Bean-Validation constraint validators
Producers for Bean-Validation artifacts
Transactional methods/beans outside of JEE containers 5
Managed Persistence-Context
Advanced messages
Security Interceptor 5
Support for Scripting (JSR-223) 6
Support for E-mail templating 5 6
Integration of Drools 5 6
Support of JMS, JAX-RS, JS-Remoting... 5 6
Support of other Web-Frameworks, Servlets,... 6
1In CODI it's possible to deactivate it.
2It's provided by MyFaces ExtVal
3The missing parts will be added via add-ons. CODI itself might provide the missing parts depending on the community feedback.
4CODI won't offer it because it's the responsibility of a component lib or add-on to offer it. Seam-Faces just provides some special components. CODI provides equivalent type-safe approaches for some of them.
5Available in a different Seam-Module
6It isn't the scope of the project - but there is no problem with using other extensions.

   ... Available
   ... Not available
   ... Available but compared to the alternative it doesn't provide that much features.
   ... It's available indirectly via a second lib of the same umbrella project or an existing add-on. So it's available but won't be part of the lib.
   ... Not available BUT the lib offers an alternative (very similar approach).

Please contact me if you find additional and/or new information. I'll update this comparison based on feedback.