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I was thinking of using this space to store those few relevent pieces of information useful for the few Windows Committers out there. It might also as a consequence be useful to general public Windows users too. And I make no apologies for being deliberatly verbose with the instructions, it's my way, in case I miss anything vital out I am now used to going over the top with detail. Not a bad thing usually and I make good use of it on my miniTutorials site which is mainly aimed at beginners, but this web space I wrote for committers, who I am sure just skip the 'flowery noise' and find what they need, fair enough :)

It took me what seemed an age to get SSH + PKI using Putty working properly, so my first contribution to this site is my style of tutorial on how to do just that.

I have also written up some basic instructions on how best to upload web site files to your public_html space.

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