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Projects In Incubation

The following projects are currently undergoing incubation :

Project Description Sponsor Mentors Start Date
ActiveMQ A robust and high performance Message Orientated Middleware provider which will be integrated into Apache Geronimo but also be usable from inside any JVM. Geronimo PMC James Strachan 2005-12-01
Apollo A robust implementation of the OASIS WS-ResourceFramework (WSRF) family of specifications WS PMC Davanum Srinivas 2004-11-08
Agila Extensible Business Process Management (BPM) engine core Jakarta PMC Geir Magnusson Jr. 2004-09-29
AltRMI A transparent Remote Procedure Call bean Incubator PMC Paul Hammant 2003-02-13
Axion Relational database engine written in Java. DB PMC Morgan Delegrange 2003-12-19
Felix Implementation of the OSGi R4 specification. Incubator PMC(?) Alex Karasulu 2005-07-19
FtpServer A complete FTP Server based on Apache Avalon principles Incubator PMC Paul Hammant, Nicola Ken Barozzi 2003-03-29
Graffito Portal oriented Content Management System Portals PMC Raphael Luta 2004-09-20
Harmony Compatible implementation of J2SE Incubator PMC Geir Magnusson Jr, Noel Bergman, Ben Laurie, Stefano Mazzocchi, Sam Ruby, Leo Simons, Davanum Srinivas 2005-05-18
Hermes A robust implementation of the OASIS WS-Notification (WSN) family of specifications WS PMC Davanum Srinivas 2004-11-08
Jackrabbit Content Repository API based on JSR-170 Incubator PMC Roy T. Fielding 2004-08-28
JuiCE OpenSSL based JCE provider XML PMC Berin Lautenbach 2004-04-05
log4net Logging for .NET Logging PMC Ceki Gulcu 2004-01-15
log4php Logging for PHP++ Logging PMC Ceki Gulcu 2004-01-31
Lucene4c Lucene for C Lucene PMC Erik Hatcher 2005-02-21
mod_ftp FTP protocol module for Apache HTTPD 2.x HTTP Server PMC Jim Jagielski 2005-08-06
Muse A robust implementation of the OASIS WSDM, Management using Web Services (MuWS) specification WS PMC Davanum Srinivas 2004-11-08
Roller Roller blog server Incubator PMC Sam Ruby, Henri Yandell 2005-06-20
ServiceMix The ServiceMix project will create an ESB and component suite based on the Java Business Interface (JBI) standard - JSR 208. Geronimo PMC James Strachan 2005-12-01
stdcxx C++ Standard Library Incubator PMC Justin Erenkrantz, Ben Laurie, William A. Rowe, Jr. 2005-05-19
Synapse Web Services Mediation Framework Web services PMC Glen Daniels, Sanjiva Weerawarana, Davanum Srinivas 2005-08-22
TSIK Implementation of xml-dsig, xml-enc, WS-Security, XKMS, SAML etc. Web services PMC Davanum Srinivas, Sam Ruby, Dirk-Willem Gulik 2005-05-17
Tuscany Service Component Architecture implementation Web services PMC Davanum Srinivas, Sam Ruby 2005-12-07
wadi a robust hetorgeneous clustering engine used to cluster geronimo, tomcat, jetty and other containers eventually Geronimo PMC Geir Magnusson, James Strachan 2005-12-05
Woden Implementation of WSDL 2.0 Web services PMC Paul Fremantle, Sanjiva Weerawarana, Davanum Srinivas 2005-03-24
Tobago A JSF based framework for web-applications. Apache MyFaces PMC Ted Husted 2005-10-27
WSRP4J Implementation of OASIS Web Services for Remote Portlets (WSRP) Webservices PMC Sam Ruby, Davanum Srinivas 2003-09-03

Projects Graduated from Incubation
Project Description Sponsor Mentors Started/Ended
Beehive Extensible Java application framework with an integrated metadata-driven programming model for web services, web applications, and resource access. Incubator PMC Craig McClanahan 2004-05-21/2005-07-18
XMLBeans XML-Java binding tool with 100% support for XML Schema and full Infoset fidelity Xml PMC->Apache Board (became TLP upon graduation) Ted Leung 2003-07-30/2004-6-23
SpamAssassin Mail filter to identify spam. Incubator PMC for the Apache Board Sander Striker 2003-12-20/2004-6-23
Geronimo J2EE Container Incubator PMC for the Apache Board Geir Magnusson Jr., James Strachan, Jim Jagielski 2003-08-06
Pluto JSR 168 Reference Implementation Jakarta PMC Sam Ruby 2004-09-30
JaxMe Implementation of JAXB, the specification for Java/XML binding Webservices PMC Davanum Srinivas 2003-9/2004-3
jUDDI Implementation of a Universal Description Discovery and Integration (UDDI) registry WS PMC Davanum Srinivas 2003-9/2004-3
MerlinDeveloper Merlin eclipse plugin merged with an existing eclipse plugin already at avalon. Avalon PMC Leo Simmons 2004-1/2004-1
Tapestry Alternative framework to JSP and Velocity scripting environments Jakarta PMC Andrew C. Oliver, dIon Gillard -
Lenya Content Management and publishing system based on Cocoon Cocoon PMC->Apache Board (became TLP upon graduation) Steven Noels, Stefano Mazzocchi 2003-03/2004-08
log4cxx Logging for C++ Logging PMC Ceki Gulcu 2004-01-31/2005-01-11
httpd-CLI CLI integration project for httpd server Apache httpd Server PMC Will Rowe 2004-07-15/2004-12-16
Directory Directory projects. Incubator PMC Noel J. Bergman, Nicola Ken Barozzi 2003-10-23
iBATIS The iBATIS Data Mapper framework makes it easier to use a database with Java or .NET applications. iBATIS couples objects with stored procedures or SQL statements using a XML descriptor. Incubator PMC Ted Husted 2004-08-16
MyFaces MyFaces is a framework for building Java Server application GUIs based on JavaServer Faces (certified implementation of JSR-127). Incubator PMC Ted Husted 2004-07-16
Nutch Web search software. Incubator PMC Doug Cutting 2005-01/2005-06
Derby Java relational database DB PMC Ken Coar 2004-08-15/2005-07
JDO JDO2 DB PMC Geir Magnusson Jr. 2005-05-18 / 2005-12-09

Project Retired from Incubation
Project Description Sponsor Mentors Started/Ended
Depot Integrated tools for automating downloading, publishing and managing software artifacts, along with tools for manipulating their metadata. Incubator PMC Nicola Ken Barozzi 2003-12-04/2004-10-28 (lack of development)

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