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Does the X Project really have to go in the Incubator to get to Apache?


Code that has existed outside the asf can only enter the ASF through the Incubator. There is no other option.

The Incubator, among other thingsm is where the due-diligence of making sure the licence is correct, the copyright is assigned, and all of the initial developers submit their clas.

I'm the mentor of this project, and I think that I'm able to do it by myself. The Incubator doesn't add anything, can it be skipped?


Do it right, do it well, and add something in the process.

Incubation is not about handing it over to some other group and seeing what happens. The Incubator is simply the name of the place that governs your actions when you process a new project into Apache. It moves at the same rate you do, and achieves whatever you achieve -- the only difference is that we have a permanent record in one place that we can go back to if there are later IP problems, and there is a gate that must be passed through before the project is given the right to release software on behalf of the ASF. That gate will not be ignored or bypassed just because one group or another feels they have earned the right to bypass it; allowing that kind of exception destroys the potential to build a tradition of effective oversight, which is the reason we created incubator.

Project XXX makes no mention of the Incubator for accepting new projects, but the Incubator site says that all projects entering Apache must pass the Incubator. What do we need to do, to move to the Apache XXX project?

The incubation process, WRT responsibilities, is roughly as follows:

  1. Any Apache PMC (project management commitee) or the Apache board approves the entrance of a project at Apache. They are the Sponsor.
  2. The Incubator is from that moment on responsible for the project, which will remain so till the Incubator votes for it to be "graduated" to the PMC that asked for it. If the PMC was the Incubator itself or the board, the project will have its own PMC.
  3. Incubation complete.

So, since you would like to have a place under the XXX Project, ask there to vote for acceptance. After that vote, you will automatically be under the Incubator, and incubation will take place.

Someone has proposed that their code/project be donated to project X within the ASF for continued development. What do we need to do to accept the code?

The Incubator will only accept code for incubation if a PMC (project management committee) or the Apache board has voted to accept it. So when a proposal for the donation of code occurs, the project in question should discuss the proposal internally, leading to a decision by that project's PMC on whether or not to accept the code (and potentially the project surrounding it) into the fold.

If the PMC agrees, then the incubator can be approached, and the code accepted for incubation. The grant needs to be recorded by following the procedure outlined at the Software Grants section of the ASF Licenses page.

How can I update the site?

Refer to How to Participate page. If you are not a committer on the Incubator project, then you can still send patches for the source documents.

How do I update the incubation status of a project?

Look in the incubator SVN module, under site-author/projects/projectname.html (Note: Some projects still use old *.cwiki as the input format - not recommended.)

See the instructions for updating the website.

Why don't we use an issue tracking system to track incubation process?

AFAIK, issue trackers do not authenticate that the person entering the status information has the authority to do so, which is what we get with the Subversion source control process.

Note that how the actual day to day tracking is done is not relevant, and any means, even an issue tracker can be used.

Nevertheless, SVN is our only authorative and formal tracking system for incubation status.

How do I update the site of an incubating project?

First of all, read our Incubation Policy.

Refer to How to Participate page.

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