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Incubator Chair Guide

Some things can only be done by the Incubator Chair.

Adding a new PMC member

1. Be sure that the person you're adding has been voted by the PMC or is one of the designated Mentors for a project

2. Send this mail:

To: board@apache.org
CC: pmc@incubator.apache.org
CC: address(es) of the new pmc member(s)

Subject: [PLEASE ACK] New Incubator PMC member(s): Member1, Member2, ...

The Incubator PMC is adding (a) new member(s):

 Member1 <member1@apache.org> (ProjectX Mentor)
 Member2 <member2@apache.org> (voted...)

Please ACK.

Explanation of the process
A chair can add a new PMC member, but it must notify the board first.
72 hours after a board member has ACKed this request, and no other from
the board objects, the person is officially part of the PMC. 

For the new member(s)

If he is a Mentor, coming in with a project, you may want to add this to the mail:

Note about adding Mentors
I note that he has not been voted in with a 
"[VOTE] Name Surmane as PMC member" but has nevertheless 
been accepted as being the Mentor of a project, that 
*has* been accepted. 

3. Add the person to the incubator CVS avail

3. Wait 72 hours after the ACK of a board member

4. After 72 hours without problems, add the person to:

  • http://cvs.apache.org/viewcvs.cgi/incubator/site/whoweare.cwiki?view=markup
  • apachecvs/committers/board/committee-info.txt 5. Mail the new member this welcome message.
Welcome in the Apache Incubator Project.

Here is some information to get you started as a PMC member.

 - please subscribe to the incubator mailing lists:
    - general-subscribe@incubator.apache.org
    - pmc-subscribe@incubator.apache.org
    - incubator-cvs-subscribe@apache.org
    - incubator-site-cvs-subscribe@apache.org
 - the incubator CVS modules are:
    - incubator
    - incubator-site
 - all the public information, rules and policies about the
   Apache Incubator is in the 'incubator' CVS module under
   site/**, and thus published on http://incubator.apache.org/

 - the incubator/site/whoweare.wiki page lists all project
   members, as is also registered in the CVS module
   'committers' under board/committee-info.txt

 - the Incubator website is published by committing the 
   Forrest-generated docs in the 'incubator-site' CVS module
 - all private information for the Incubator PMC is  

 - all Incubator PMC members have full access to all CVS
   repositories (also of the incubating projects for
   oversight purposes) and are wiki admins

 - status documents about Incubating projects are under 
   incubator/site-author/project/ directory; please keep the ones you are 
   mentoring updated

 - all committers on all incubating projects have access to
   the 'incubator' and 'incubator-site' CVS modules, so they can
   participate in the general Incubator Project as committers

 - please read our work documents under incubator/site-author/incubation/
   for more information about the incubation process; they are
   published under http://incubator.apache.org/incubation/

Thanks for helping us :-)

Making the Board Report

The Chair must remember to send the board a status report of the Incubator Project.

The dates of the meetings and the months in which to send in a report can be found in the committers CVS module under board/ .

It's important that the report is sent at least two days before the scheduled meeting.

The Chair should also ensure that the Incubating projects have prior notice of this so that they can send in their Incubation Report. It's advisable to ask them at least 3 weeks prior the meeting, so that the Incubator Project can review and discuss them.

Here is a board report boilerplate:

Status report for the Apache Incubator Project

* Noteable happening's in the Incubator

* what code releases have been made? [since the last report]

* any new projects in process of being accepted?

* any legal issues to bring to the board?

* any cross-project issues that need to be addressed?

* any problems with committers, members, etc?

* plans and expectations for the next period?

Asking for Incubation Reports

At least when there is a board report due, or when it seemes needed, the Chair can ask a project for an Incubation Report. This helps in assessing the status of the project and eventually vote for the exit from incubation.

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