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Personal data: Born 24th of September 1967 in Hamburg (Germany)
Diploma 1992 at TU Berlin
Living in Munich, married, 3 children.
Languages: German, English, French

Since 2013 Fintech startup, managing director

2012 - 2014 Automotive, team lead

1997 - 2011 Finance, software development

Software development since 1987, Apache MyFaces committer, JSF spec. (JSR 314) extended expert group member, Agile Management 3.0, Sun certified Java Developer, Professional Scrum Master and Product Owner, Mensa e.V.


Declarative tag development with Facelets, published in German JavaMagazin 10/08

Lego or Playmobil? - article of JSF implementation patterns for standard components published in the German JavaMagazin 06/08, English translation by Prasad Chaudhari.

JSF Training - script of a training held in January 2008.

Patent DE000010045080A1 at the German Patent- und Markenamt, Verfahren zur Aufzeichnung und Ausführung von Abfragen aus Datennetzen (project SurfMacro)

European patent application EP10171491, Method for programming a web application (project Draglet)

European patent application EP2975570, Method and a device for securing access to wallets containing crypto-currencies (startup draglet GmbH)

Contact: dipl. Inform. Ganesh Jung
Bergsonstr. 154
81245 München
tel: 01515 / 92 108 93
fax: 03212 / 1029972

Reference projects:

draglet GmbH, Managing director of a fintech startup
Role: Managing director, product development, patent (EP2975570), customer acquisition. Started with 3 partners, now 10 staff members.
Technologies: White label exchange software for blockchain technology.
Time frame: April 2013 until today master data management, master data management system of the BMW Website
Role: Lead of the scrum developer teams (4 teams with 20-30 developers), mentoring of the development of a new code generator (JEE), JSF 2 und RichFaces 4 changes, introduction of a mandator concept, selection of new team members and actions towards team building.
Technologies: JEE5, RichFaces, Enterprise Architect, MagicDraw, Model Driven Design, Glassfish, ORACLE
Time frame: January 2012 to December 2014

Rodeo Internet and RODEO_NET, Share trading in the internet and intranet of HypoVereinsbank.
Conception und implementation of the framework und support over many years: Introduction of JSF, Facelets and AJAX, migration of the Oracle and BEA Weblogic Plattforms, restucturings following a bank merger, extensions for several share types and instant trading und connections toward document management systems.
Role: Development of the frameworks, implementation of examples and coaching and lead of 3-6 developers.
Technologies: Tomcat, BEA Weblogic, MyFaces JSF, JSF component development, JSP, JSP Tagentwicklung, Cross Frame Scripting, Javascript, J4Fry AJAX, Dojo, DojoFaces, Apache, JAXB, SSL, iText, POI, Eclipse, PVCS Dimensions
Time frame: March 2001 to December 2011

Draglet, Drag and Drop Web IDE, patent application at the european patent office at no. EP10171491 and development as a JSF 2.0/DojoFaces/PostgreSQL application.
Role: Idea, architecture und implementation
Time frame: May 2010 to September 2011

CardsOnline, Development of a website for retrieval and maintenance of credit card data for a major Swiss bank.
Technologies: JSF 2.0, JEE5, Webshpere, Weld, Webservices, SOA
Role: Architect, coach und bughunter in a team with 5 developers
Time frame: September 2010 to April 2011

DojoFaces, Development of a Facelets template based tag library using Dojo widgets with JSF.
Technologies: JSF, Dojo, AJAX
Role: Founder und community lead
Time frame: June 2009 February 2012

MyFaces 2.0 AJAX, Integration of J4Fry AJAX with Apache MyFaces 2.0 and adaption of interfaces to the JSF 2.0 specification.
Technologies: MyFaces, Tomahawk, J4Fry, JavaScript, JSF 2.0/JSR-314, Maven, SVN
Role: Apache MyFaces Committer
Time frame: April 2009 to December 2010

J4Fry, community project
Development of a reference architecture for business applications based on JSF, Spring, Hibernate and PostgreSQL. Project language is english.
Role: Technical lead
Time frame: April 2006 to December 2009

WPZL, Share trading settlement system for settlement orders to the Deutsche Börse AG for the Bankhaus Metzler (reference):
Oracle data model, Delphi frontend, Delphi batch and many PL/SQL-Skripts, test, rollout, maintenance and support.
Role: Design und implementation (employee of Bankhaus Metzler)
Time frame: September 1997 to March 2000

GPSJava, Swing and JDBC framework:
Plugin capable panel system with automatic menu generation and XML configurable GUI, database inteface and undo framework with datenbase event listener, persistent undo informations and graphical undo/redo interface.
Role: Concept, architecture and implementation
Time frame: September 1996 to March 2003

SurfMacro Server, recording and replaying of surf steps for automation of frequent sequences of surf steps:
Patenting (can be looked up at the deutsches Patent- und Markenamt with no. DE/10045080/A1) of the invention und implementation as a HTML/JSP/JavaBean/mySql application.
Role: Concept, architecture and implementation
Time frame: April 2000 until November 2000

SOKA, MTOS, M/Text-Crosscompiler and HStru 5, projects in the public sector (Reference):
Concept and implementation with Gupta SQL Windows, Ingres 4GL, C++ and Oracle DB server.
Role: Developer (employee of Ploenzke)
Time frame: April 1992 until November 1994