February 20th, 2012
About me

My name is Fabio Martelli.
I live in Pescara (Italy) and I'm 34 years old.
I'm married and I am proud to be father of two beautiful little girls (my family make me feel really lucky).

I got a master degree in 2002 in L'Aquila. Since then I've been working as developer, analyst and architect for some companies until I've established in 2004 my first IT company (ePOSSE, now Everett italia).

Since 2003, I've really made a great experience about Identity and Access Management.
This is the reason why, today, Identity and Access Management is one of my main technical skills.

After seven years with ePOSSE/Everett, I decided to start again from scratch with a new Open Source based company, Tirasa.

I am currently PPMC member at Apache Syncope project.

What else? I am a homebrewer since 2010. Eating my pizza and drinking my beer make me feel very happy ...