Welcome to the Tomcat Service Wrapper

This is a simple installation procedure for gettting the "Java Service Wrapper" to work with Tomcat and also be able to do Thread dumps when Tomcat is running as a service

  1. Download tomcat-wrapper-install.zip
  2. Make sure you have JAVA_HOME set, and that java.exe is in your path.
  3. cd <TOMCAT_HOME>
  4. jar xvf /path/to/tomcat-wrapper-install.zip
  5. For tomcat 4.1.x and 5.0 please comment out the following lines in conf/wrapper.conf
  6. Change the lines in conf/wrapper.conf
    wrapper.ntservice.displayname=Tomcat Application Server
    wrapper.ntservice.description=Tomcat Application Server
    To reflect the service entry that you wish to create
  7. TOMCAT_HOME/bin/InstallApp-NT.bat installs your service
    If you want to try out your confiration first, run TomcatService.bat from the command line. This Saves time during configuration changes
  8. Open your services and start the Tomcat service.

Thread dump

Very simple, telnet locahost 9999 then enter the letter "D". Your thread dump will be in logs/wrapper.log
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