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Apache Web Of Trust - powered by Apache Agora

This is a first attempt to visualize the Apache Web Of Trust with the help of Apache Agora by Stefano Mazzochi.

The underlying keyring is based on an accumulated version of all the different KEYS files used on It currently consists of 78 keys (77 valid, 1 revoked) and a total number of 3254 signatures (1396 valid, 1764 unknown, 94 revoked).

The scripts used to generate the keyring and to transform the data into a format suitable for Agora can be found here. A detailed report of the keyring accumulation and visualiziation process is also available.

Note: you'll need at least a Java™ 1.2+ compatible virtual machine for Agora and a XHTML1.1-compliant browser to view this page. If you're experiencing problems you might as well be interested in the two (static) sample images: full - groups or in the standard page.

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A short introduction and the full user guide to Agora can be found here.

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