Please be aware that these documents are orphaned and likely not up to date. You should refer to the official Apache Pig Documentation of AccumuloStorage. These documents will be left in place for to serve as an archive and example for how the integration can be used.

Apache Accumulo is a sorted, distributed, key-value store built using Apache Hadoop and Apache ZooKeeper. Apache Pig is a platform for analyzing large data sets using a high-level expression language, Pig Latin. This project intends to provide the mechanisms for storage and retrieval of data stored in Accumulo using Pig's expression language

This work was initially based on a contribution by Jason Trost to Apache Accumulo, but has been recently revitalized to ensure compatibility with all stable versions of Apache Accumulo as well as supporting as much of Pig Latin's functionality as efficiently as possible. Many decisions were influenced by the functionality that HBaseStorage that currently exists in Pig.

The code can be viewed at accumulo-pig.git or can be cloned using Git

 git clone 

If you're interested, please continue on to the introduction.