Research Publications

  • Deepal Jayasinghe, Galen Swint, Simon Malkowski, Jack Li, Qingyang Wang, Junhee Park and Calton Pu. Expertus: A Generator Approach to Automate Performance Testing in IaaS Clouds, In CLOUD 2012.
  • Simon Malkowski, Yasuhiko Kanemasay, Hanwei Chen, Masao Yamamotoz, Qingyang Wang, Deepal Jayasinghe, Calton Pu, and Motoyuki Kawaba. Challenges and Opportunities in Consolidation at High Resource Utilization: Non-monotonic Response Time Variations in n-Tier Applications, In CLOUD 2012.
  • Jack Li, Qingyang Wang, Yasuhiko Kanemasa, Deepal Jayasinghe, Simon Malkowski, Pengcheng Xiong, Motoyuki Kawaba and Calton Pu. Profit-Based Experimental Analysis of IaaS Cloud Performance: Impact of Software Resource Allocation, In SCC 2012.
  • Deepal Jayasinghe, Simon Malkowski, Qingyang Wang, Jack Li, Pengcheng Xiong and Calton Pu. Variations in Performance and Scalability when Migrating n-Tier Applications to Different Clouds. CLOUD 2011 [Best Paper Award]. Paper, ppt
  • Deepal Jayasinghe, Tamar Eilam (IBM Research), Malgorzata Steinder(IBM Research), Ian Whally(IBM Research), Ed Snible(IBM Research), and Calton Pu. Improving Service Performance and Availability on Clouds with Structural Constraint-aware Virtual Machine Placement. SCC 2011.Paper
  • Pengcheng Xiong, Zhikui Wang, Simon Malkowski, Qingyang Wang, Deepal Jayasinghe, and Calton Pu. Economical and Robust Provisioning of N-Tier Cloud Workloads: A Multi-level Control Approach. ICDCS 2011.
  • Qingyang Wang, Simon Malkowski, Yasuhiko Kanemasa, Deepal Jayasinghe, Pengcheng Xiong, Motoyuki Kawaba, Lilian Harada, and Calton Pu. The Impact of Soft Resource Alloca-tion on n-Tier Application Scalability. IPDPS 2011.
  • Simon Malkowski, Markus Hedwigy, Deepal Jayasinghe and Calton Pu. CloudXplor: A Tool for Configuration Planning in Clouds Based on Empirical Data. ACM SAC 2010.
  • Simon Malkowski, Deepal Jayasinghe, Markus Hedwigy, Junhee Park,Yasuhiko Kanemasaz, and Calton Pu. Empirical Analysis of Database Server Scalability Using an N-tier Benchmark With Read-intensive Workload.ACM SAC 2010.
  • Simon Malkowski, Markus Hedwigy, Deepal Jayasinghe, Junhee Park,Yasuhiko Kanemasaz, and Calton Pu. A New Perspective on Experimental Analysis of N-tier Systems: Evaluating Database Scalability, Multi-bottlenecks, and Economical Operation. CollaborateCom 2009.
  • Srinath Perera, Chathura Herath, Jaliya Ekanayake, Eran Chinthaka, Ajith Ranabahu, Deepal Jayasinghe, Sanjiva Weerawarana, Glen Daniels, Axis2, Middleware for Next Generation Web Services, IEEE International Conference on Web Services (ICWS), Chicago, September 2006 (Industry track)
  • D Jayasinghe, R Wewagedara, A Jayasekara, V Jayarathne: Client Transparent Fault Tolerant System for SOAP based Web services. IICT 2004.

Selected Articles