• Apache Axis2 - I am working on Axis2 project since its day one. Apache Axis2 is the successor to the renowned Apache Axis SOAP project. Axis2 is a major improvement of the Web services core engine and aims to be the platform to build Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) based applications. It is blazing the trail by being a clean and extensible Open Source Web services platform. The architecture of Axis2 is highly flexible and supports additional functionalities, features and enhancements.
  • FAWS- A fault tolerance system for SOAP based Web services
  • Apache Synapse- An open source ESB
  • Apache Axiom- High perfromed XML inforset representation
  • Sahana (Phase 1)- A Disaster Managment System
  • WSO2 WSAS- Web service application server
  • WSO2 Regsitry- The heart of an Open Source SOA
  • Elba