Introducing Apache CouchDB and NoSQL

A NoSQL introduction given at Bozen Uni
Overview Me previously, HP EMEA Managed Storage Services Manager about 7 Petabytes of storage, 160 customers 20k+ servers backed up 250 staff in a virtual organisation these days, mainly an Apache CouchDB committer/developer less stress more fun less money Typical Day in the Office how many of these logos can you name? what languages are used? Take-away computer languages are a tool to get things done the ability to get that job done is related to your skill, and libraries most languages have libraries that are far better than your skillset Quick overview of CouchDB + BigCouch A distributable nosql database written in Erlang/OTP and JavaScript with a bit of C Document database management system JSON over HTTP Append-only MVCC storage Views A custom, persistent representations of your data (pre-built indexes)