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Note: These patches apply to an older, deprecated version of the mod_fcgid module which predates the module's adoption by the Apache Software Foundation. They are provided here for historical interest only.

Please use the latest official release of mod_fcgid.

All features available in the original non-ASF version of mod_fcgid are also available in the officially released Apache version, along with additional improvements, bug fixes, and important security updates.

Note: These patches were intended to be applied against the 2.3-dev CVS HEAD version (as of October 25, 2007) of the original non-ASF mod_fcgid module.
The auth patch contains various bug fixes, and also attempts to address the issues raised in this discussion on the mailing list:
2007-04-15 [PATCH] dir config merging
2007-05-10 [PATCH] authn/z fixes
The rename patch renames most of the configuration directives with the dual aim of clarifying their functions and giving them a common prefix, the latter issue stemming from this discussion on the mailing list:
2007-05-10 suggested improvements

Note: These patches were committed to mod_fcgid trunk in r753579 (auth issue #1); r817830 (portions of auth issue #2); r903797, r904317 and r904319 (auth issue #3); r905820, r908144 and r908151 (auth issue #4); r909672 (auth issue #5); r824337 (auth issue #6 and PR 47973); and r817338, r817344, r822252, and r822572 (rename).

The original auth patch (renamed BAD) introduced a regression which has been fixed using the code committed to mod_fcgid trunk in r905031.