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[TXT]mod_dbd-1tidy-2.2.x.patch2007-05-15 23:16 30K 
[TXT]mod_dbd-1tidy-trunk.patch2006-12-29 17:24 29K 
[TXT]mod_dbd-2misc-2.2.x.patch2007-05-15 23:16 15K 
[TXT]mod_dbd-2misc-trunk.patch2006-12-29 17:24 15K 
[TXT]mod_dbd-3pools-2.2.x.patch2007-05-15 23:16 10K 
[TXT]mod_dbd-3pools-trunk.patch2006-12-29 17:24 10K 
[TXT]mod_dbd-4groups-2.2.x.patch2007-05-15 23:16 26K 
[TXT]mod_dbd-4groups-trunk.patch2006-12-29 17:24 26K 
[TXT]mod_dbd-all-2.2.x.patch2007-08-22 22:26 43K 
[TXT]mpm_child_init-beos-2.2.x.patch2007-05-15 23:29 1.3K 
[TXT]mpm_child_init-beos-trunk.patch2007-05-15 23:23 1.3K 
[TXT]mpm_child_init-netware-2.2.x.patch2007-05-15 23:29 753  
[TXT]mpm_child_init-netware-trunk.patch2007-05-15 23:23 750  

Note: The trunk versions of these patches, with modifications, were committed to httpd trunk in r491729 (tidy), r491884 (misc), r491907 (mpm_child_init-netware), r491922 (mpm_child_init-beos), r496831 (pools), and r503931 (groups).

Note: The 2.2.x versions of these patches were committed to the httpd 2.2.x branch in r563195 (mpm_child_init-netware), and r569818 (tidy, misc, pools, and groups). In addition to the final committed versions of the corresponding trunk patches, the 2.2.x version of the tidy patch includes r521230 and the revelant portions of r492394, and the 2.2.x version of the misc patch includes the remainder of r492394.