Apache Incubator Voting Status

Last recorded change: 2014–10–31 07:01:11

Legend: The orange items indicate where more care and attention is needed. Anything vermilion is an issue that should be addressed ASAP. The yellow items are in process. Please precede email Subject with a "[VOTE]" label, and prepend "[RESULT]" for the final tally (as explained).

Current Votes

Subject Activity Started Age
Apache Drill 0.6.0-incubating release 2014–10–20 2014–10–05 26 days
Release RC4 as Apache Usergrid 1.0 (incubating) 2014–09–03 2014–09–02 59 days
Release Apache Flink 0.6-incubating 2014–08–22 2014–08–18 74 days
Release BatchEE 0-2-incubating 2014–08–10 2014–08–10 81 days
Release Apache DeviceMap BrowserMap version 1.4.1 2014–07–30 2014–07–25 98 days
Release of Apache MRQL 0.9.2 incubating (RC2)) 2014–06–26 2014–06–25 128 days
Graduate Apache Celix as Top Level Project 2014–06–23 2014–06–19 134 days
Apache Slider 0.30-incubating RC0 2014–06–02 2014–06–02 150 days

Recently Closed Votes

Status Subject Started Closed
Resolved Release Apache Drill 0.6.0-incubating 2014–10–27 2014–10–27
Resolved Release Apache Flink 0.7.0-incubating 2014–10–22 2014–10–26
Resolved Graduation of Apache Drill from the Incubator 2014–10–22 2014–10–25
Resolved Accept Taverna into the Apache Incubator 2014–10–16 2014–10–20
Resolved Release Apache Calcite 0.9.1 (incubating) 2014–10–09 2014–10–18
Cancelled Apache Flink 0.7.0-incubating release 2014–10–16 2014–10–17
Resolved [IP Clearance] Sling Resource Editor contribution 2014–10–13 2014–10–17
Resolved Accept Lens into the Apache Incubator (earlier called Grill) 2014–10–06 2014–10–10
Resolved Apache Johnzon 0.1-incubating release 2014–09–28 2014–10–01


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