Jesús Blanco Izquierdo
Spanish Translation of the Apache HTTP Server Documentation

Hola! My name is Jesús Blanco and I'm a committer of the Apache HTTP Server Documentation project.

I have been translating the Apache 2 HTTP Server Documentation into Spanish since February 2004 with the help of Daniel López. We started this task to make it easier for Spanish speakers to learn about and work with the Apache HTTP Server.

Before I had commit access to the Apache HTTP Server Project, it was André Malo who made almost all of the commits into cvs. Thanks a lot André!

Jesus Blanco

Volunteering to the Spanish Translation

Currently there are only two people helping with the translation of the Apache Documentation into Spanish: Daniel López and myself. Usually I translate the files and Daniel reviews them. We have managed to translate and commit quite a bit of the translation, but there is still a lot of work to do!

If you would like to volunteer helping us translating or reviewing translations, please send an email to me at blanco (at) apache (dot) org.

You can see a list of the files already translated here, and a list of the files we are currently working on here.


Apache 1.3 Spanish docs Unfortunately, it seems the project is no longer active.

BitRock, the company I work for.

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