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  1. Installing Buildr
  2. Binaries and Source Code
    1. buildr 1.3.3-incubating (2008-10-08)
    2. buildr 1.3.2-incubating (2008-07-18)
    3. buildr 1.3.1-incubating (2008-05-19)
    4. buildr 1.3.0-incubating (2008-05-01)

Installing Buildr

The easiest way to install Buildr is using the fabulous RubyGems package manager. Of course, you will need either Ruby or JRuby, and we recommend upgrading to the most recent version of RubyGems. If this sounds foreign to you, don’t worry. We’ll show you how to install Buildr on Linux, OS X, Windows and JRuby in the Getting Started guide, we even provide automated installation scripts.

The official Apache distribution consists of the digitally signed binaries (gems) and source packages available below. To install these binaries, you must first download them to disk and then install them using the gem install command (or rake install for a source distribution).

In addition, contributors to this project maintain a separate distribution over on RubyForge. Using this distribution, you’re able to install Buildr directly from the remote gem repository and to automatically upgrade when a new release comes out. The RubyForge distribution is not an official Apache distribution.

The source code is included in both source and binary distribution, the Gem distribution expands the source code into your local Gem repository. That’s in addition to getting the source code directly from SVN or GitHub. Learn more about working with source code and living on the edge.

Binaries and Source Code

buildr 1.3.3-incubating (2008-10-08)

Package MD5 Checksum PGP
buildr-1.3.3-incubating.gem 7192dad45441630cbf07b85af5f9069a Sig
buildr-1.3.3-java-incubating.gem 71ad4f0f8bfa951fa129db67a06b608a Sig
buildr-1.3.3-incubating.tgz e5ee6fe5b86386520c91a9633d02814b Sig
buildr-1.3.3-incubating.zip baab601fd46a877ee8e408891d68c842 Sig

(Release signing keys)

buildr 1.3.2-incubating (2008-07-18)

Package MD5 Checksum PGP
buildr-1.3.2-incubating.gem 225504bc195334c4eb9d6dec814d9db1 Sig
buildr-1.3.2-java-incubating.gem d7d8394c7aed887987be0e813e1e4cee Sig
buildr-1.3.2-incubating.tgz 611e97df1bc76382ecbe6b60e9340f2b Sig
buildr-1.3.2-incubating.zip d65d20005f603338c0aedd4f17d0bc90 Sig

(Release signing keys)

buildr 1.3.1-incubating (2008-05-19)

Package MD5 Checksum PGP
buildr-1.3.1-incubating.gem 476436429b9a6c4ed178009ba17dd724 Sig
buildr-1.3.1-java-incubating.gem 7af37acc10621b18d4b870119c36d998 Sig
buildr-1.3.1-incubating.tgz ad6694416fc2e6eb22ab1042dcc41411 Sig
buildr-1.3.1-incubating.zip 0470349978b93e645ca2e9607e304ed1 Sig

(Release signing keys)

buildr 1.3.0-incubating (2008-05-01)

Package MD5 Checksum PGP
buildr-1.3.0-incubating.gem 37758d0a8dabc570799b0a58d23d19f0 Sig
buildr-1.3.0-java-incubating.gem 6a3a86740077f739c111514e0e2b9e06 Sig
buildr-1.3.0-incubating.tgz acd84ad8c5031962e65b0036f3bc2e76 Sig
buildr-1.3.0-incubating.zip d85945f05efd0e512e6d769e3dd1cc98 Sig

(Release signing keys)

When downloading from files please check the md5sum and verify the OpenPGP compatible signature from the main Apache site. This KEYS file contains the public keys used for signing releases. It is recommended that (when possible) a web of trust is used to confirm the identity of these keys. For more information, please see the Apache Release FAQ.