Web 2.0 with Cocoon 2.2

Presentation at Apachecon EU 2007, Amsterdam.

Social software, web APIs, web standards, web services ... the world of Web 2.0 is complicated and technical. Apache Cocoon has been a gregarious platform for web applications since its inception, and takes this evolution in its stride. The unique Cocoon architecture allows you to seamlessly leverage the power of Web 2.0, with simple development through configuration and scripting.

Cocoon 2.2 is the latest edition of this mature application platform, and this session will illustrate how to develop full-featured web applications taking full advantage of the move to Maven 2 and the new blocks architecture, whilst remaining fully feature-compliant with Web 2.0.

The slides are available here: web2cocoon22.pdf

Three videos were shown during the presentation:

Apachecon EU 2007

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