CyberNeko Style Processor 0.2.3


NekoStyle is a simple and flexible framework for automating XML transformations. It is designed and implemented to be extremely small and flexible to reduce the need for similar large packages in order to perform tasks such as batch XML transformations and generating documentation.

NekoStyle is similar to the StyleBook tool used to generate the Xerces-J documentation. However, NekoStyle is smaller, more flexible, and (perhaps most importantly) documented.

License Agreement

NekoStyle is distributed under an Apache-style license. For specific license details, please refer to the LICENSE file.


NekoStyle includes complete Java source code and documentation. You can download the latest version from the following location:

Requirements and Limitations

The basic NekoStyle framework only depends on the W3C Document Object Model (DOM). However, in order to use the Pipeline processor and other processors included with NekoStyle, you should also have the following installed:

For specific dependencies, refer to the requirements of each processor listed on the Processors page.

This version has the following limitations:

For a more complete list of items to be done, please refer to the Todo Items.

Contact Information

Andy Clark <>