Package org.cyberneko.pull.util

Class Summary
BufferedPullConfiguration An implementation of an XNI XMLPullParserConfiguration that buffers the events so that one and only callback is performed for each call to parse(boolean):boolean.
EventCollector This class converts XNI document handler callbacks into pull parser event objects, storing them on an event queue.
EventDispatcher This class converts pull parser event objects into XNI document handler callbacks.
EventDispatcher.ResourceIdentifierProxy A proxy object for resource identifier passed to the start general entity method in the XNI document handler.
EventIterator This class contains a set of utility functions to allow applications to more conveniently iterate XML events instead of having to call nextEvent for each event in the event stream.
EventQueue A general purpose queue for pull parser event objects.

(C) Copyright 2002-2004, Andy Clark. All rights reserved.