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Uses of XMLEventIterator in org.cyberneko.pull

Subinterfaces of XMLEventIterator in org.cyberneko.pull
 interface XMLPullParser
          This interface defines an XML pull parser built on top of the Xerces Native Interface (XNI).

Uses of XMLEventIterator in org.cyberneko.pull.parsers

Classes in org.cyberneko.pull.parsers that implement XMLEventIterator
 class Xerces2
          An implementation of a pull parser that can use any standard XNI parser configuration as a driver.

Uses of XMLEventIterator in org.cyberneko.pull.util

Classes in org.cyberneko.pull.util that implement XMLEventIterator
 class EventIterator
          This class contains a set of utility functions to allow applications to more conveniently iterate XML events instead of having to call nextEvent for each event in the event stream.

Fields in org.cyberneko.pull.util declared as XMLEventIterator
protected  XMLEventIterator EventIterator.fEventIterator
          XML event iterator.

Constructors in org.cyberneko.pull.util with parameters of type XMLEventIterator
EventIterator(XMLEventIterator iterator)
          Constructs an event iterator from the specified event iterator.

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