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Packages that use XMLEvent

Uses of XMLEvent in org.cyberneko.pull

Fields in org.cyberneko.pull declared as XMLEvent
          Next event, if used in an event chain.

Methods in org.cyberneko.pull that return XMLEvent
 XMLEvent XMLPullParser.nextEvent()
          Returns the next event in the document or null if there are no more events.
 XMLEvent XMLEventIterator.nextEvent()
          Returns the next event in the document or null if there are no more events.

Uses of XMLEvent in org.cyberneko.pull.event

Subclasses of XMLEvent in org.cyberneko.pull.event
 class BoundedEvent
          A bounded event.
 class CDATAEvent
          CDATA section event.
 class CharactersEvent
          Character content event.
 class CommentEvent
          A comment event.
 class DoctypeDeclEvent
          A DOCTYPE declaration event.
 class DocumentEvent
          A document event.
 class ElementEvent
          An element event.
 class GeneralEntityEvent
          A general entity event.
 class PrefixMappingEvent
          A prefix mapping event.
 class ProcessingInstructionEvent
          A processing instruction event.
 class TextDeclEvent
          An XMLDecl or TextDecl event.

Uses of XMLEvent in org.cyberneko.pull.parsers

Methods in org.cyberneko.pull.parsers that return XMLEvent
 XMLEvent Xerces2.nextEvent()
          Returns the next event in the document or null if there are no more events.

Uses of XMLEvent in org.cyberneko.pull.util

Fields in org.cyberneko.pull.util declared as XMLEvent
protected  XMLEvent EventQueue.fHead
          The head of the queue.
protected  XMLEvent EventQueue.fTail
          The tail of the queue.
protected  XMLEvent EventIterator.fPushbackEvent
          Pushback event.
protected  XMLEvent[] EventCollector.fEventCache
          Event cache.
protected  XMLEvent EventCollector.fLastEvent
          The last event.

Methods in org.cyberneko.pull.util that return XMLEvent
 XMLEvent EventQueue.dequeue()
          Removes and returns an event from the queue, or null if the queue is empty.
 XMLEvent EventIterator.nextEvent()
          Returns the next event.
 XMLEvent EventIterator.nextEvent(short type)
          Returns the nextEvent of the given type.
 XMLEvent EventCollector.dequeue()
          Removes an event from the queue.
protected  XMLEvent EventCollector.getEvent(short type)
          Returns an event object for the given type.

Methods in org.cyberneko.pull.util with parameters of type XMLEvent
 void EventQueue.enqueue(XMLEvent event)
          Adds an event to the queue.
 void EventDispatcher.dispatchEvent(XMLEvent event)
          Dispatches a pull parser event object by calling the appropriate
protected  void EventCollector.dropEvent(XMLEvent event)
          Drops an event by putting it back on the event cache so that it can be re-used when needed.
 void DefaultHandler.handleEvent(XMLEvent event)
 void DefaultHandler.handleUnknownEvent(XMLEvent event)

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