Change History


Version 0.1.11 (30 Jun 2004) [zip] [tgz]
Added ability to set entity resolver on DTD parsers as requested by Lee Peterson.
Version 0.1.10 (31 Mar 2004) [zip] [tgz]
Updated implementation to work with Xerces-J 2.6.2 that removed the ObjectFactory class in the org.apache.xerces.util package.
Version 0.1.9 (12 Dec 2003) [zip] [tgz]
Added missing attributes to generated <parameterEntity> tag reported by Jarno Elovirta; fixed typos in the DTD grammar for DTDx reported by Joe Khoobyar; and fixed stylesheet bug for conversions to XSD that would only output one attribute per element reported by Philip Gartlan.
Version 0.1.8 (14 Nov 2003) [zip] [tgz]
Fixed bug that was not setting DTDx attributes as specified, reported by Arvid Hülsebus.
Version 0.1.7 (30 Sep 2003) [zip] [tgz]
Added shell script contributed by James Strachan to allow Unix-type folks to easily convert DTDs to XML Schemas; and added Ant task contributed by Jeff Turner to convert DTDs to the NekoDTD XML format output.
Version 0.1.6 (06 May 2003) [zip] [tgz]
Fixed reporting of "atype" attribute type reported by Peter Votruba.
Version 0.1.5 (02 May 2003) [zip] [tgz]
Fixed null pointer exception reported by Peter Votruba that was caused by a null NamespaceContext object.
Version 0.1.4 (28 Jan 2003) [zip] [tgz]
Updated implementation for XNI changes introduced in Xerces-J 2.3.0.
Version 0.1.3 (30 Sep 2002) [zip] [tgz]
Updated implementation for XNI changes introduced in Xerces-J 2.2.0.
Version 0.1.2 (25 Aug 2002) [zip] [tgz]
Changed packaging to include product name and version in directory name.
Version 0.1.1 (17 Jul 2002) [zip] [tgz]
Fixed bugs in DTDx to DTD stylesheet for comments, processing instructions, and ignore conditionals; fixed minor bug in DTDx to Flat stylesheet; fixed minor bug in Flat to XML Schema stylesheet; and added Flat to RelaxNG stylesheets and documentation.
Version 0.1 (15 Jun 2002) [zip] [tgz]
Initial writing.