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Foaf-A-Matic - Generate your Apache FOAF file

The form on this page will allow you to create a foaf file for use with the ASF Committer information. Rest assured though, it's a standard foaf file that can be used anywhere!

Once created you have 2 choices to have your file included.
Please choose one, and only one of the following:

  1. Commit it to the committers/info directory with a filename of your ASF ID with an extension of '.rdf'.
    e.g. if your ASF ID is bloggs save the file as bloggs.rdf
  2. -- or --

  3. Put the file on the web and add a link to it in the file 'external.xml' (found in the committers/info directory). Your file can have any filename and any extension if you use this option.

However you tell us about your file, your details should shortly appear on various Apache sites!


If you add your weblog and include a feed URL then at some point it may end up being aggregated on Planet Apache. If you don't want your weblog to be included in the Planet Apache aggregator but be included in the list of weblogs on the website then you can enter the details without the feed URL and it will not be added to the Planet Apache feed.

Please ensure that you include a title for the blog. If not, it will be listed using the URL as the title.


Event details are no longer tracked through FOAF files. The Community Development project maintains a list of Apache-related community events (eg meetups and talks), along with a calendar and list of upcoming Apache conferences. To have Apache related events listed at which you are organising or speaking, please list them there, or ask on dev@community for help getting them listed!


Projects that are under the auspices of the ASF should be prefixed 'Apache', i.e. 'Apache Ant' rather than just 'Ant'.


Only those fields marked with a '*' are required.

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